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Botox For Men in Austin

Botox and Injectables: A Growing Trend Among Men

Traditionally, temporary or semi-permanent cosmetic procedures have been considered a trend among women. But these days, men have become more confident about taking pride in their appearance and doing whatever it takes to reduce the signs of aging or other physical “flaws” that they’d like to see addressed.

Often, it is men that rely on looking “put together” in their careers that choose to go the direction of procedures like Botox, as this treatment fits easily into their busy lifestyle without the need for recovery time.

More invasive cosmetic surgery options have a number of flaws, explaining why the popularity of Botox (and other similar procedures) for men has increased over 250% in the last ten years.

Advantages of Male Botox Over Cosmetic Surgery

  • Getting Botox is quick and easy – in order to receive Botox, you simply need to pop into your plastic surgeon’s office, and then get right back to work. Since many men are choosing to improve their look to remain competitive in a challenging job market, it stands to reason that Botox is a wise investment in their career, as it does not require time off from work.
  • There is no recovery with Botox – there is no scarring, there is no need to massively limit activities, or do anything but live your ordinary life.
  • Results last but aren’t permanent – as your aesthetic preferences change, you can approach the use of Botox in a way that addresses these needs. With plastic surgery, the results are often permanent, and further enhancement requires going under the knife again.
  • Botox offers subtle change – appearance is enhanced, but men can ensure the administration is approached in such a way that they simply appear more refreshed. Likewise, getting Botox can happen under the radar, meaning that professional colleagues and friends don’t need to be privy to your personal affairs, as you’ll never miss a beat in life.
  • Botox can address other issues – Botox is most commonly used to combat the physical effects of facial aging, however, it can also be used to treat conditions like hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). This is another male botox procedure that can greatly improve the self-confidence of the patient.

When choosing to get Botox as a man, it’s important that you find out if your plastic surgeon is truly experienced with injecting male patients.  In some cases, men may require require higher doses of Botox than women to achieve the desirable effect. The muscles in the face can also respond differently when Botox is injected, so it is important that your injector is familiar with the structure and aesthetics of the male face.

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At Personique On The Spot, our physicians and aesthetic specialists have performed numerous male Botox procedures with exceptional results. If you are interested in learning more about Botox for men in Austin, or would like to go ahead and set up your free consultation, please give us a call today at (512) 201-4800.

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